The Home Life You Crave

Preserving a level of independence is a crucial element for our resident’s sustainable health. Here at Botkin, we are dedicated to helping you create a comfortable lifestyle that helps your stay feel like your home away from home.

Our open door policy allows friends and family to visit their loved ones at any time giving you the opportunity to remain close with them, while basking in an environment that bustles with interesting activities and allows you to fellowship with other residents.

Not sure you will love Botkin? Give us a try! We offer a respite stay so that you can test us out. Residents of Botkin will get to engage in various activities including:

Round-the-Clock Nursing Care

Nowhere is loving and compassionate care more important than when we meet the needs of those who are no longer able to care for themselves. Here at Botkin our staff never forgets that each person is an individual that requires a unique kind of attention.

Our highly skilled and thoroughly committed Registered Nurses, RN Supervisors and Certified Nursing Assistants are dedicated to improving the quality of life for you by providing services that include:

Personalized Nutritional Services

Food is an essential part of everyday life. Food nourishes and strengthens us, engages the senses and provides opportunities for socialization as friends gather for meals. Our menus include a wide variety of food choices including individualized diet plans to meet patients’ special needs.